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Opening Hours
  • Sunday (Hobson Ave, Kerikeri)
  • Thursday (Village Green, Paihia)

Bay of Islands Farmers Market

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Phone: 021 0266 3164 | Email: | Website:

The Farmers’ Market is one of the local must-visits. Make your way to the Post Office car-park on any given Sunday morning, and you will be greeted by all the whafting aromas that tell you: breakfast.

Sit back, enjoy the sounds and take in the buzz. Then get into the swing of things and put together that picnic you had planned: real bread, award-winning cheeses and wine, some ripe avocados, a crisp, freshly harvested salad, and a punnet of those wonderfully red, cherry-tomatoes. Be inspired by the season’s colour and bounty, and don’t forget that the artisan-goods you are about to sample also make lovely gifts.